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Thomas Bnt
Thomas Bnt

Posted on

VSCode.email, A Newsletter for News and Tips

⚠ This is not a promotional post.

I came across a fork of awesome-newsletters from someone in my GitHub subscriptions list and noticed that there is a newsletter for news and tips on VSCode.

I thought some of you might like it here!

vscode.email | A Newsletter featuring news, tips, and tricks for VS Code

A weekly newsletter for front-end developers with a specific focus on tools.

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Read the 'last' issue (n°12)

Discussion (3)

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Nick Taylor


impressivewebs profile image
Louis Lazaris

Hey Thomas, thanks for the mention of my newsletter! It's pretty new, but I hope it can grow and be useful to VS Code users.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt Author

Oh! Surprised!

Yeep agreed, I still have a bit of trouble with newsletters myself, as there is usually too much text and not enough images and space. This stifles the good information 😃