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VSCode String Encryption Extension

Encrypt and hide plain text strings & files contents within your source code in a secure & encrypted form with the help of a polymorphic engine, generating random-looking decryption code every time.

Turn a plain-text into encrypted text with polymorphic decryptor

Sample JavaScript output to hide https://community.vscodetips.com/ string within the source code:

<script type="text/javascript">
// encrypted with https://www.stringencrypt.com (v1.4.0) [JavaScript]
// szHelloWorld = "https://community.vscodetips.com/"
var szHelloWorld = "\u6D96\u6DBE\u6DBA\u6D82\u6DB8\u6D2A\u6D34\u6D34" +
                   "\u6D88\u6DB0\u6DB0\u6DB0\u6D9C\u6DB2\u6D78\u6D9A" +
                   "\u6D94\u6D22\u6D8E\u6D9C\u6D78\u6DA0\u6D6A\u6D70" +
                   "\u6D8E\u6DA4\u6D92\u6D8C\u6D12\u6D68\u6D84\u6D90" +

for (var wXKCv = 0, VXLtF = 0; wXKCv < 33; wXKCv++)
        VXLtF = szHelloWorld.charCodeAt(wXKCv);
        VXLtF += wXKCv;
        VXLtF ^= 0x97A5;
        VXLtF += 0x04FD;
        VXLtF += wXKCv;
        VXLtF --;
        VXLtF ^= 0xFFFF;
        VXLtF = (((VXLtF & 0xFFFF) >> 1) | (VXLtF << 15)) & 0xFFFF;
        szHelloWorld = szHelloWorld.substr(0, wXKCv) + String.fromCharCode(VXLtF & 0xFFFF) + szHelloWorld.substr(wXKCv + 1);
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Try it online at:

String Encryption & File Encryption for Developers

String Encryption & File Encryption for C/C++, C#, Delphi/Pascal/Object Pascal, Java, JavaScript, Python, Haskell, MASM, FASM programming languages.

favicon stringencrypt.com

VSCode Extension available at:


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