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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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vscode.dev is live!

The VS Code team just announced that you can use VS Code in the cloud now at vscode.dev. This is not the same thing as GitHub Codespaces, but it's still pretty cool and you can still do quite a bit with it. TLDR, local development with cloud tools.

With the availability of vscode.dev, we begin to finally realize our original vision of building a development tool that can run fully serverless in the browser.

You can read more about the announcement on the VS Code blog.

Photo by Dominik SchrΓΆder on Unsplash

Discussion (2)

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Lucia Cerchie

I tend not to use IDEs in the browser because I'm pretty terminal-reliant. Ideas for how to use?

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor Author

From the post:

Since VS Code for the Web is running completely within the browser, some experiences will naturally be more constrained, when compared to what you can do in the desktop app. For example, the terminal and debugger are not available, which makes sense since you can't compile, run, and debug a Rust or Go application within the browser sandbox (although emerging technologies like Pyodide and web containers may someday change this).

If you need the terminal, you may want to look at Gitpod or GitHub Codespaces.