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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

Posted on • Updated on

VS Code Tip of the Week: Fonts for Languages

This week's tip of the week is care of my old co-worker @citizen428. He mentioned that you can set a different font for a specific programming language. So, for example, in Go, there are fonts that work really well with this language.

This is really cool, and as I was looking into this, I realized you can set all kinds of settings for a particular language. Looking into my own settings, I had already done this for certain things.

VS Code settings file open showing different formatters for different languages

Check out the Language-specific editor settings.

Thanks for the tip, Michael and Happy VS Coding!

Discussion (2)

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Steven Torrence

What theme and font are you using?

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor Author • Edited on

Dank Mono and the Fortnite theme. Here’s my whole setup, iamdeveloper.com/uses