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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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VS Code Tip of the Week: Find in Folder

This week's tip of the week is care of Justin Noel. Justin is in my Virtual Coffee community. Yesterday, during a Lunch & Learn we had, he mentioned that you can search in only a specific folder in VS Code. I was completely unaware of this.

The flow with your mouse is to right-click on the folder and select Find in Folder...

Context menu open on a folder with the option Find in Folder... highlighted

You can also have focus on a folder in the sidebar and then do (Option) + Shift + F for macOS or Alt + Shift + F for any other operating system supported by VS Code.

Both will bring you to the search panel but notice that now it only includes any files in the given folder.

Search panel in VS Code with the current folder files as the files to include in the search

Great tip Justin, and Happy VS Coding!

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