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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

Posted on

Forem Passport login is here!

Hey friends!

I've been pretty busy lately, but I just wanted to drop some news about a new login feature for vscodetips.com.

You can log in with Twitter and GitHub on desktop, but if you're using the Forem native app, you don't have those options. What you can do is set up a password associated with the email linked to your GitHub or Twitter. It's annoying to do, but that's how you did it in the past.

As of last week, though, I enabled Forem Passport. I won't go into all the details about Forem Passport, but instead, you can read Integrating the Passport with the Forem Ecosystem. The TLDR, though is, you can now use it as a login option that works on desktop and in the Forem app.

From the Fifth Element movie, Lilou saying "Lilou multipass"

The other nice thing about Forem Passport is you can use it to log in to other Forem instances like dev.to.

Happy VSCoding!

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