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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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VS Code Tip of the Week: The JavaScript Debug Terminal

This week’s VS Code tip of the week is coming a day late. I’m still ramping up at my new job and completely forgot to post this yesterday. 🙃

It’s been around for a bit now, but you can create a terminal in the integrated terminal panel called the JavaScript debug terminal.

Drop down to select a terminal type in the VS Code Intergrated terminal panel. The currently selected item is JavaScript Debug Terminal

This gives you the easiest way to start a debug session for Node.js. Run an npm script that runs something Node.js and it will attach the debugger automatically for you. Same goes for running a file via e.g. node index.js

Debuggin a Node.js file in VS Code

You can read more about the JavaScript debug terminal in the official documentation.

Happy VS Coding!

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