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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v10

louiseann93 profile image
Louise Willoughby • Edited on

Hey! VS Code newbie here. Main experience is with PHPStorm (secret love) and VS Code is a whole other thing to learn.
I can see many posts here on tips and tricks, is there one you would recommend to start from to help with basics that’ll help me not hate my life? πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor Author

I'm not sure where's best to start, but maybe adding some extensions and learning some shortcuts?


Anything related to Visual Studio Code extensions.


Anything related to keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio Code.

Since you appear to use PHP, maybe check out this post on getting set up with debugging?

louiseann93 profile image
Louise Willoughby • Edited on

Awesome! Thank you Nick πŸ˜„
I do php and js coding for work but personal is just frontend which apparently VSCode is great for.
I definitely want to learn the shortcuts as that’s what I love about the PHPStorm code editor, you can get around so quick!
The plug-ins on VSCode confuse me πŸ₯΄
So I’ll give these a read to start, thank you