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Anna Kuznetsova
Anna Kuznetsova

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☘️5 VS Code for Your Perfect Saint Patrick’s Day

Cheers, guys! And happy upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day! Who said you can’t have the holidays edition on your personal computer as well? I’m inviting you to check out some fun green themes for your VS Code to quietly prepare for such a nice day on your screen.

PS, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March.

Green Cloud

Young programmer Gaurav Sinha from India already has something to show off. This greenish theme with a black background and bright text made by him is not only very accessible; it also helps to easily read through the code.

Snazzy Light

A vivid light color theme determined to be clear and distinct under bright ambient light.

A programmer, Florian Reusckel from Switzerland, has not only created a theme for VS Code but also shared a whole design system for the theme. Every color is carefully picked to make your experience even better. I highly recommend checking out his website. It is a gorgeous landing page with Florian’s awesome projects.

Code Green

First off, I just love Sujan’s blog. If you’re a designer, then it’s a perfect fit for you. And if you’re a developer or just someone who enjoys good quality content about design, this blog is still your way to go. Sujan is especially meticulous with every single detail: be it some code or typography. I personally think he is the one to provide you with an example of a professional designer.

Soft Green Light

The GitHub repository for this theme only says: “the healthiest theme for your eyes”. Whether it’s valid or not, I don’t know, but this light greyish background with dark green details is visually appealing.

Holiday VS Code Theme Pack

PS, the link leads to a GitHub repository and you probably should be a bit tech savvy to upload the themes to your editor.

Not exactly Saint Patrick’s Day option. I mean, this repository has a couple of options to choose from: from Christmas theme up to Saint Patrick’s Day theme. You can also learn a lot from this link. The website advertises the aforementioned theme pack. Maybe you will be inspired to build your own VS Code theme.

☘️Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!🍀

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