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Front-end Development would not be the same anymore...

Hi everyone, I'm haris and today I'm here to share with you what just might be a revolution in the front-end development


blox VS code extension available on VS Code Marektplace
Imagine how your workflow would be if you never have to build a component from scratch. With just a few clicks you can drop a UI snippet in your code and just tweak it according to your requirements. Well, blox does exactly that. It offers a wide range of 1500+ drop-in ready accessible components so that the developers can fast-track their workflow and save all those precious dev hours.

Framework Support

blox supported frameworks
blox comes with out of the box interactions for some of the most famous and dev favourite frameworks out there including React, Angular and Vue with TailwindCSS support. Other than these blox will soon be releasing code snippets for Laravel, Svelte, Alpine.js with support for Bootstrap and MaterialUI.

UI Categories

Components in blox extension
It has three major UI categories that are Ecommerce, Web Application and Marketing UI. All three of these kits combined, provides access to over 1500+ code snippets. All the code snippets are WCAG complaint and follow high quality development standards.

Get blox

You can get blox for free here on VS Code Marketplace. Once its installed you just need to hit that b icon and you're ready to drop code snippets in your new or previous projects. For more info, visit blox's official website. Do give blox a try and let me know your thoughts about it.

Happy Developing!

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Nick Taylor

Looks pretty cool!

Hackerman from Kung Fury putting on a Nintendo Power glove