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Lucia Cerchie
Lucia Cerchie

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VSCode Productivity Tips?

What are your top 2 VSCode productivity tips?
Been looking through the documentation and realizing there's so much more to learn!

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Daryl Stark

For me, using keyboard shortcuts is a real productivity improvement. I printed the page with the keyboard shortcuts for Linux and have it on my desk at all times. When I'm working at the office, I have the PDF with the shortcuts on a different desktop so I can switch to it all day to lookup the shortcuts. Using only they keyboard and not the mouse is a real productivity improvement for me.

Another productivity tip is to use the GitHub Issues extension to quickly see open issues on the project you're working on (if it is a GitHub project, ofcourse), create branches from the extension and close extensions without ever leaving VScode. Same goes for REST-books instead of using a external program like PostMan.

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Lucia Cerchie Author

wow I had no idea about the issues extension! Thank you!