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Maciej Sulecki
Maciej Sulecki

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VSCode TS checks working project-wide & real-time

I have previously created a post on DEV.to where I explained how you can manually add TS check working project wide & real time, but a while after that I realised that it was quite silly of me that I didn't just create an extension.

So here it is! beeinger.ts-live-checks now, simply as an extension.

Now instead of a long painful way there is a short & sweet one.
Just install the extension and wherever it recognises typescript it will ask you if you want to enable ts checks, smack YES and you're covered.

Ok but at this point you might be asking yourself wth does this extension do, VSCode has TS checks doesn't it?
Yeeeeah well, it does and it doesn't, if you open a file it will check it and provide feedback, if you open another file it will also check it, but only after you open it.

And that was the thing that annoyed me, why can't it just check everything?

Ok, now for some role-play:
You change something in your type definition, you see an error in one of the files you're working on, hence a file that you have currently open, you fix the error, but it turns out during the build that something else was broken too!

Now you have to read the error, check where is the problem, find it in your project tree, fix it and build again!!!


Well, with this extension typescript checks will run for your whole project, not just the opened files, you will save time, and overall just have a better programming experience.


If you're not convinced by my great role-playing story, check this out:

Without this extension

  1. You're causally programming and you have an error.

Screenshot 1

  1. Then you fix nothing, just close the file and * magically * the error disappears...

Screenshot 2

With this extension

  1. You open your code and see all the errors, everywhere

Screenshot 3

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